VIP Shipping

Aviary by the Sea’s – VIP Service (Very Important Parrot)

Counter to Counter Airline Transport Service

Aviary by the Sea raises optimal family companion parrots. Due to our reputation for highly socialized, hand-raised baby parrots, the aftercare and support we provide, our exotic baby parrots are in high demand.

We pride ourselves in offering our “fids” Feathered Kids to everyone in the US.
For people that live outside of New Jersey (or too far to drive), Aviary by the Sea offers a safe and totally secure airline travel option for your VIP.

We have partnered with both Delta and United Airlines and have successfully shipped weaned babies to their new homes across the United States.

We select the best flight(s) possible taking the overall travel time and layovers into consideration. Additionally, the airlines provide a “Pet First” travel program including a climate controlled area for all parrots that travel by air. All birds arrive safely and are picked up by you at your local airport.

We charge $125-$250 for the carrier, insurance and VIP airfare within the contiguous United States. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.