Greenwing Macaws

Everything you should know….


Greenwing Macaws can become fairly large reaching lengths up to 40 inches long from beak to tail with a wingspan of 40 inches or more.

Average Lifespan:

+50 years


Greenwing Macaws are intelligent and sociable companion birds that respond extremely well to training. They are known for their sweet dispositions and lovable nature. They are often referred to as “Gentle Giants”. Handfed and well socialized Greenwing Macaws are very affectionate and love attention, head scratching and cuddling.


Greenwing Macaws bodies are primarily a brilliant deep red. Their wings are accented with green and blue. The back of their necks are sometimes a rich dark red. Greenwing Macaws have black lower beaks and horn colored upper becks. They have bare white patch of skin around their eyes and face which will blush red sometimes. These large parrots are a beautiful sight to behold.


Greenwing Macaws like all parrots should be offered a high quality commercial seed/pellet mix in addition to daily servings of a variety of bird-safe fruits and vegetables. A fresh and varied diet will make sure that your Greenwing Macaw receives adequate nutrition.


Greenwing Macaws are large birds, and should be provided with ample space and time to play and stretch their muscles. They should be allowed outside of their cages for a minimum of 2 – 3 hours a day, and should also be given plenty of chew toys to help them exercise their powerful beaks and jaws.

Cage Requirements:

Minimum size cage is 48” x 36” x 66+” Dome top cages with lots of stimulating chew toys are required. Macaws NEED the largest and strongest cage possible. Play tops are not recommended because they confine and restrict the bird. Free standing perches and/or play stands are highly recommended. Stainless Steel cages always preferred if possible. Corner cages should be avoided. Round Cages are prohibited.

Greenwing Macaws as Pets:

Greenwing macaws are beautiful, intelligent, and captivating social birds. We are extremely fond of these majestic ‘gentle giant’ parrots. Their sweet, docile and loving nature makes them quite popular. They thrive on human companionship and interaction & love to be cuddled and petted.

Highly social in the wild, Greenwings are often found in flocks with up to a dozen birds. A Greenwing Macaw needs a good deal of consistent socialization with their human flock. They require an owner that is willing to devote the time that is necessary to meet their social needs. Most people who own them will agree that their birds are well worth the effort — and that they are rewarded every day with their birds’ companionship and sweet dispositions.

Potential owners should also be aware that macaws can be extremely loud. They are prone to loud vocalizations and contact calls which can become an issue if the bird is not properly socialized and given enough mental stimulation and enrichment to prevent boredom. This may make them a questionable choice for those living in apartments or condominiums.

If you think a Greenwing Macaw might be the right bird for you, feel free to contact Michael Carhart at Aviary by the Sea to further discuss this and he will help you decide whether or not this species is a good choice for your lifestyle.