Our Philosophy

How we raise our Feathered Kids “FIDS”

Aviary by the Sea, is a closed aviary that breeds large macaws, hawk headed parrots and African Greys. We part of a private network of closed breeders from across the US. This private network has stringent standards in place ensuring the proper care and handling of all breeding birds. This affords us access to over 85 species of premium healthy and happy birds.

All parrots are guaranteed healthy and are brought into our sterile quarantine facility within our home. There hand feeding and socializing begins, once all tests come back negative and they get a clean bill of health from our Avian Vet they are moved into the main house where they continue to flourish.

We are committed to providing our babies with the best possible developmental start in life. This includes not only a nutritional and healthy diet but also special care and attention to their physical and psychological needs. Therefore we provide the following kinds of foods, socialization, stimulating enrichments, exercise and training as they grow and develop.

We abundance wean our baby parrots based on their individual needs and rates of maturity. Each baby parrot is given a hand feeding formula that is suited to their species and their individual needs for optimal growth.

We expose our baby parrots to different foods at an early age. This teaches the parrot to recognize a large variety of foods in different forms. It allows them to explore different textures, tastes and naturally facilitates each individual parrots weaning process.

Weaning is a delicate process where if done improperly can cause a parrot to feel insecure about having enough to eat. That insecurity will hinder the baby parrot from progressing and focusing confidently on exploring their world and learning all the skills required for them become optimal family companion parrots.

Our baby birds are abundance weaned onto a daily diet of pellets, seeds, soft foods, pasta, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables and mixed nuts for macaws.

We develop solid foundation of trust; provide loving guidance and consistent training and responses allowing the baby bird to develop into a secure, confident and loving optimal lifetime companion.

Socialization is critical to the development of baby birds during and shortly after the weaning process with both other birds and humans. Socializing your baby with other adult birds teaches the bird to be a bird. The important areas of learning are diverse and encompass things like verbal communication, understanding body language, social skills and flock etiquette, how to fly, foraging for food, enemy avoidance, how to defend himself and a multitude of other behaviors and tasks. These experiences are crucial in the mental development of a healthy family companion parrot. Some of the skills learned in the developmental process may seem unnecessary because the parrots live captivity. But things like foraging for food; identifying and avoiding enemies are critical components in the healthy mental development of confident, stable, high self-esteem and independent adult birds. Properly socialized birds are much less likely to develop behavioral issues as adults such as nervousness, plucking, biting, or screaming.

By socializing baby parrots properly with people they learn to be part our flock and their place in the flock. They learn to trust people and their hands. They learn what is expected of them and basic commands. All our babies know their name, Step up, Step down, Gentle and No. They also know not to grab at clothes, ears, jewelry or glasses. We also teach our babies to sit on our hand or forearm and not our shoulder.

Some of the larger parrots that take longer to wean will have training to poop on command “bombs away” when put on a freestanding perch. We will also begin training for them to fly to your arm “come here”. Eventually, if you continue training and work with your parrot, the bird will fly to the free standing perch – poop, and then fly back to you without you having to tell it to do it.

Since our hand-raised and socialized parrots will be lifetime family companions, we feel it is necessary to expose them to a normal house hold environment, outside activities and car travel. They will also be familiar with cats and dogs, enabling them to easily transition to households with other pets. Our baby parrots are accustomed to having their wings and feet handled, enabling your vet to perform claw and wing clips as necessary with less stress.

At Aviary by the Sea, our babies are exposed to traveling portable carriers and cars which helps to make travelling a positive experience. We take the baby birds to public parks and stores to expose them to new people and properly socialize them with strangers, teaching them all people are a positive experience.

We provide our baby parrots with a lot of enrichment and mental stimulation by introducing and changing toys at an early age. This stimulation encourages confidence, independent play and ongoing enrichment.

Our baby birds are exposed to a variety of play environments providing them with exercise and facilitating the development of both their mental and physical attributes: strength, balance, confidence, concentration, coordination and happiness.

Baby parrots build muscle, gain confidence and flight coordination when they learn how to fly before they are given a gradual wing clip. We prefer to ship babies with slightly clip wings for safety.

Aviary by the Sea provides an outdoor flight cage. Babies are given the opportunity to explore, play, socialize as birds and learn how to fly all while enjoying the sun and stimulation of being outside.