About us

Aviary by the Sea is a medium sized “closed” family aviary that specializes in breeding exotic parrots mainly of the African Grey, Hawk Head and Macaw families.

Our breeders are fed a nutritional pellet diet, fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables, with treats of their favorite seeds. They are well cared for with lots of enrichment and are very happy and healthy parents in good feather.

Happy breeders make exceptionally healthy babies. All of our breeders sit on their own eggs, and most of them feed their own babies for approximately two to three weeks. This is important because there is evidence to suggest that babies that are parent reared for the first couple of weeks receive some of their parent’s immunities as well as are better adjusted companion birds with fewer behavioral problems.

From then on we hand feed them until they are abundance weaned and ready to go home to their new forever homes.

We also offer a wide variety of other species throughout the year by utilizing our connections .with a national private breeding network, which means we aren’t just a small independent breeder rather a part of a huge network of nationally recognized and respected breeders, bird behaviorists, and avian dietitians from over 200 locations throughout the United States. Since 1989

We have a separate quarantine facility with rigid protocols in place where all new birds are brought into while awaiting their clean bill of health from the labs. This is almost an unnecessary procedure as all the babies brought in from the outside are from the nation’s top breeders.

We are a family aviary, so everyone has their share of feeding the birds, cleaning the birds and playing with the babies.

Aviary by the Sea Owners has the following certifications and credentials:

Michael Carhart has been working and training parrots 30 years since getting his first parrot – a wild caught blue headed pionus at the ripe old age of 12.

International Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) – Professional Member

American Federation Of Aviculture – AFA Certified Aviculturist Level I

American Federation Of Aviculture – AFA Certified Aviculturist Level II

Certified Avian Specialist (CAS) – PIJAC