Parrot Profiles

Choosing your Parrot! Get the right bird for your family situation, lifestyle, personality, and budget.

Our Philosophy

The Aviary by the Sea Difference and how we raise our exotic babies to become optimal companion parrots.

Setting Up The Cage

Preparing for you new baby parrots arrival, everything your companion parrot needs to ensure a happy life.

Continued Training

Guide for a continued long lasting relationship with your well behaved companion parrot.

Aviary By The Sea, A Parrot Place Location

Aviary by the Sea located at the Jersey Shore. All of the parrots, macaws, cockatoos and other exotic species of baby birds bred and raised by us are of the highest quality, health and disposition.

Aviary by the Sea offers highly socialized, abundance weaned, exotic ‘feathered kids’ (FIDS) raised in our home by our family for your family. Unlike pet and bird stores our babies are brought from our aviary or quarantine facility directly into our home where all of our baby parrots are hand-fed, spoiled with lots of love, playtime and training. All of our babies are socialized with other birds, house hold pets and people in a safe, stress and smoke free home environment to become optimal family companions.

All of our hand fed and socialized companion parrots are given the very best start in life to help ensure a long, happy and healthy life in their new homes as member of your ‘flock’.

All of our FIDS receive training where they learn the basic commands – Gentle, No, step up, and step down. We begin the teaching process for flight recall – to fly to your arm with a ‘come here’ verbal command. They often also know how to poop on a verbal command (typically bombs away) when put on a free standing perch.
All of our adoptive parrot parents receive lifetime instruction and support for the continued training and proper care of their new parrot.

Please visit our availability page to see what species are currently on eggs and what species we have in our nursery.